Imagine for a moment your favorite photograph. Now try to visualize that same print artistically drawn, hand painted, & transformed into a one of kind, unique work of art! Zimmermann Arts & Design specializes in reproduction paintings and can recreate any ordinary photo into an original hand crafted masterpiece!

After painting several highly praised photos for her family, founder Karen Zimmermann got her start as loved ones spread the word about her passionate hobby and local business started to grow! Now producing paintings from Connecticut to Washington DC, Karen is excited to share her talent and recreate your meaningful photo into a true conversation piece!

As a second-generation professional artist, Karen’s training goes beyond the skills she learned under the direction of the Manhattan School of Visual Arts. Her mother Albina Kaminski, who professionally hand-colored black and white portraits in exceptional detail, gifted her with an innate ability to visualize more then what most can see in a photo. Karen embraces this inherent ability and lets her creative touch shine when reproducing a photo. That’s why she invites you to join the Zimmermann Arts & Design team to recreate your photo today!

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